Fitness Watch – A Must-Have fitness tracker

Fitness Watch – Much More Than a Gadget

Fitness WatchDo you want to live healthier? Very wise! Of course, from now on, you can only eat grains and vegetable soups, only look at your couch from a distance, practice for the triathlon in every free minute, and dream longingly of juicy cheeseburgers and series marathons at night. Or you turn up your sports program – a fitness watch makes it possible.

What looks like a supposed gadget is an extremely efficient training companion for all ages – from the youngest to the elderly. As a fitness tracker, it informs you about your activity level, records distances covered, counts your steps per day, and the associated calorie consumption. Activity trackers basically do the same thing, but they do not have a screen (which, by the way, is suitable for the battery life).

heart rate monitor

A heart rate monitor, in turn, acts as an upgrade of a tracker. In addition to the functions mentioned, reliably measuring your heart rate, which not only protects you from physical overload but also optimizes your training. Also, depending on the model, there are numerous extra features that, depending on your needs and your sporting goals, intensify the workouts, promote motivation, or simply sweeten the training.

Only children jump rope? Not true – many boxers warm up with it. So it’s actually not a big surprise that the jump rope is also in the fitness trend for adults: you don’t need a lot of space or equipment or a fixed time window – and the cardiovascular system really gets going. Here, too, the sports watch helps to protect against overload.

Looking under the skin

Fitness Watch 1Looking under the skin: methods of pulse measurement during fitness training. The term fitness does not describe a steely body or a flawless bikini figure without every ounce of fat: it is about a healthy physical condition paired with good performance. You can achieve this with pretty much any sport – be it jogging, cycling, rowing, swimming, horse riding, soccer, bodybuilding, climbing, dancing, badminton, table tennis, basketball, in the gym, or even yoga.

Fitness watches always play an active role here because they record the training intensity of the respective moment and evaluate it in detail afterward to provide information about progress or relapses. Some larger manufacturers also offer apps that enable motivational feedback and milestones and direct performance comparison on a weekly or monthly basis. Pulse measurement plays a crucial role in this precise analysis. What sounds complicated is actually very simple:

Fitness watch without the chest strap

Most fitness watches do not have a chest strap. They sit comfortably on the wrist (like any conventional wristwatch), so do not restrict you, and measure the pulse using an optical-electrical method. Depending on the model, there are two to six LED lights on the watch’s inside and continuously shine through the veins running under your skin to determine your pulse. However, the quality of the values ​​is subject to fluctuations, such as when executing strong arm or hand movements (for example, when playing tennis or strength training on the studio).

Fitness watch with chest strap

If you want one hundred percent certainty, you can’t avoid the chest strap as an additional sports tool. Because although new generations of sports watches are continually coming onto the market, which is aimed exclusively at wrist measurement, measurement using the chest strap is the best-proven form. It measures ECG-accurate through the sensor directly on the heart and shows the values ​​in real-time on the display of the Clock and is also less prone to failure. The tight fit on the upper body does not irritate; it is advisable to pay attention to an elastic model that can be flexibly adjusted.

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Fitness Watch chest strap
 Fitness Watch chest strap vs Wrist strap


Wiped off: For cleaning, wipe the bracelet and case with a damp cloth. Stay away from chemicals (unless you want to scrap your fitness watch afterward)! In the case of heavy soiling, you will find specific information on maintenance on most of the manufacturer’s websites.

Something for the eye: fitness watch in a modern design

You do sport, and you can see that too! Whether you are more of the discreetly trendy type or always styled en vogue is a matter of taste. But you certainly value sportswear that is functional in terms of functionality and looks good. Of course, the fitness watch can also make an eye-catcher. Of course, it is not a block; after all, excessive dimensions would be too obstructive during training. There is a combination of a compact design and a high-quality look. For men, mostly in deep blue or black or emphatic extreme, in orange, white or green.

Women, on the other hand, love colors, and this fact is also fully satisfied with the fitness watches: except for fashionable minimalists, whose choice falls on discreet nuances such as anthracite or black, pink and turquoise, coral red and baby blue, dark purple and grass green shine on the wrists. Elegant metallic combinations in silver or with rose are also in demand, gold tones from warm to massive are relatively new. The bracelet is usually made of sweat-repellent, pleasantly soft plastic; in rare cases, there are also models with leather straps.

Tip: There is even a fitness watch for children with an appealing design, bright colors, and at least the necessary functions.

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Goodies in the luggage: Interesting additional features

The list of exciting additional features is getting longer and longer. GPS is of particular benefit to runners, mountain hikers, climbers, and cyclists because they help with navigation and enable absolutely precise evaluation by determining differences in altitude in the training area. Graphically prepared training goals, including personalized workouts, are very popular with endurance athletes, as are music players for training purposes or only for an extra shot in a good mood. For many people, the smart notification function, SMS, e-mails, appointment reminders, and the like play on the smartphone can hardly be dispensed. Few would like to miss the option of transferring relevant training data via Bluetooth to a smartphone, laptop, PC, or tablet for a comprehensive analysis.

Other goodies

fitness watch goodiesOther goodies include camera control, weather forecast, and thermometers. You don’t actually have any highly ambitious performance goals or upcoming competitions in mind. Still, you want to continue feeling good in your skin through your sport or lose a few extra pounds in the foreseeable future? Then watch out for a watch that not only counts the steps but translates them directly into calories burned. High-quality models even show during training in which zone you have to work hard for effective fat burning.

Already knew?

Fitness watches are an indispensable aid in everyday life for stroke or heart patients. They are also used by patients with high blood pressure. A few smartwatches now enable blood pressure measurement in addition to pulse measurement, which significantly relieves those affected, as they do not have to carry an additional blood pressure monitor with them.

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The pros of fitness watches

  • Evaluation of the training data
  • Increase in training intensity
  • Promote motivation
  • High wearing comfort
  • Protection against overload
  • Wearable in everyday life
  • Innovative additional functions
  • Exchange with like-minded people via the online platform

Which fitness watch is right for me?

Purchase criteria in the overview. Everything’s so colorful here! No, we are not in the candy store, although many fitness watches are real eye-catchers outside of training because of their bright color intensity. Instead, we take a look at the range of smartwatches. The market grows and grows, it offers a lot of innovative things and unnecessary. And there is no end in sight; the manufacturers seem to have only warmed up. As a guide, we have bundled some useful purchase criteria in an overview:

Criteria Notes

  • species
  • Measurement on the wrist
  • or with a chest strap
  • ideal for fitness demands
  • Compatible with common smartphones (Android / iOS)
  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • modern colors
  • quality optics
  • wearable in everyday life
  • Measurement
  • As precise as possible
  • including pulse rate
  • easy to handle
  • synchronize with app
  • particularities
  • Availability of multiple sport profiles
  • Connection via Bluetooth
  • Personalized motivational feedback
  • Pedometer and calorie counter
  • Calculating fat burning
  • with stopwatch
  • Exchange via online platforms
  • Preinstalled apps or apps for download
  • Sleep monitoring/evaluation of rest breaks and sleep phase alarm clock

What does fitness watch cost? A look at the prices

Garmin vs apple wachThe price range for fitness watches is varied and depends, above all, on the functions. There are already simple models from 20 euros that only measure the pulse and count the steps. However, they can be limited in accuracy and are usually not compatible with the mobile phone. For a little more functions, adjustable training areas, and sports arenas, you pay 50 – 100 euros, depending on the manufacturer. Anyone who values ​​accuracy and accompanies many different sports with the fitness watch should opt for a high-quality model of over 100 euros. Here you get most of the additional functions and can adapt the eye exactly to your training needs.

Polar, Garmin, Apple – which manufacturer should it be?

Good fitness is essential for the body, mind, and soul. You can achieve them with the appropriate will and stamina in all outdoor and indoor sports – and you can get a buddy to support you during training in all sports profiles. Fitness watches are really not Toys, but an efficient training aid. But how do you fish out the right model without a fitness watch test? The range is enormous, mainly since the big brands serve up innovative extra features as the icing on the cake and smaller (and therefore mostly cheaper) labels in this area. We are consequently introducing you to some fixed sizes for orientation in the watch jungle: Established sports electronics manufacturers in the fitness watch segment are Polar, Apple, and Garmin.

At first glance, the choice doesn’t seem easy

Therefore, a fitness watch comparison is always a good idea to check your own images with the available models. While well-known manufacturers can only be found in specialist shops or on online marketplaces, there is now and then a cheap fitness watch. In addition to the well-known “big ones” in the industry, products in various price ranges.

It is worth asking: It is best to clarify whether your health insurance fund is subsidizing it directly, as there are no generally binding rules for this. However, there is definitely a chance that it will work, as some health insurance companies provide grants for this as part of their bonus programs.

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